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Geek Squad was formed in the year 1994, in early days an agent used to serve the clients through a bicycle who provided expert computer help, support and tips on keeping the computer in best condition.

By putting the best effort in providing services over the years, in 2002 company joined hands with “Best Buy” and by the year 2004 it went on expanding its business.

Geek Squad is serving in USA, Canada, UK, and Australia as of now and they are not just into repairing computers only but provide many more great service. To know more see our blogs

How to setup payroll in Quickbooks online

In Quickbooks online the user has the option to set up payroll. By setting up the payroll you can save your time and effort. By setting up Quickbooks payroll in Quickbooks online you indicate who you are trying to be paying payroll tax returns and payroll taxes ad filing taxes in the business accounts, Quickbooks offers payroll solutions like enhanced payroll, basic payroll, assisted payroll ,etc you can choose the version of Quickbooks payroll according to your need any work type. Quickbooks offers many Quickbooks tools like Quickbooks file doctor, Quickbooks repair tool, Quickbooks diagnostic tool, etc with the help of these tools you will be able to fix any Quickbooks related issues.

The payroll setting time is totally dependable on the number of employees working, the, you will need all the info of employee and employers in order to set Quickbooks payroll, we have mentioned all the information needed for the users to set Quickbooks payroll in Quickbooks online account, below all the info are mentioned.


Employers information

The following information of employers is needed to set up the Quickbook payroll.

  • The employers bank accounts details are needed for the payroll, the details contains account number, ifsc code, branch code, account holder name, etc

  • You have to decide how the employer will pay the employees like on daily wages, monthly wages, commision, tips etc where all the information is needed to be filled while setting up Quickbooks payroll.

  • The details of all the insurance policy, dental issues, health protection details are needed for setting up Quickbooks payroll.


Employees information

The following information of employees is needed to set up the Quickbooks payroll.

  • You need to give W-4 form to the employees in which they will fill every details of their and other finances data that are needed to create Quickbooks payroll.

  • The pay rate is to be mentioned that you are giving to the employees like you are paying them hourly or monthly.

  • The details of leave structure is to be mentioned with all the terms and conditions so that in future you will not have any confusion

  • You can set a representative of yourself in which you will set the direct cheque method while depositing in the bank, it will give you the direct authorisation of submitting the cheque in their bank account directly.


Steps for setting up Quickbooks payroll in Quickbooks online

The following are some steps which you can follow to set up Quickbooks payroll in Quickbooks online, by following these steps you will be able to set up Quickbooks payroll in Quickbooks online, these steps are mentioned below.

  • Go to the employee center and click on the workers tab located on the left menu bar in the Quickbooks screen.

  • You have to purchase payroll along with Quickbooks subscription and in case you have already purchased it then click on the “tab set up” .

  • For making sure that your W-2 form is correctly  filled you have to give some extra data as guarantee.

  • If you have payes the representative then select the option yes otherwise you can select the No option.

  • After that add all the employees with their names and enter all the needed information.

  • Mention all the employee information like name, place, phone number, account number, etc and click on the save and finish option to complete the Quickbooks payroll setup.

  • In case you are facing Quickbooks sync manager error in the Quickbooks you can take help of Quickbooks tools offered by Quickbooks in order to fix your issue by yourself.

How to restart QuickBooks when it won't open

When you have a problem to open your QuickBooks then this means there are some issues having with your QuickBooks installation and to resolve this problem you should follow some rules or these steps will definitely help you to resolve all the problems or you can take guidance from QuickBooks Contact.

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  1. Troubleshoots plays the main role, before starting any troubleshooting for your company you should be aware that the problem is related to the company files only. And the QuickBooks should be updated or from the version which is new. Even after performing the troubleshooting if you have any issue then you need to get assistance from Quickbooks Pro Support. They will guide you to solve the issue.

Following steps are:

  • Double click the QuickBooks desktop icon and press the Ctrl key.
  • If the Ctrl key is not working when you hold it that means this program is not working go to another step to understand it further.

Quickbooks Enterprise Support the troubleshooting operation to be performed in cases of data loss or any other issue.

2. Make sure that only one computer provides hosting for your company.

  • Select utilities from the QuickBooks file menu.
  • And then turn off multi-user hosting.
  • When you know the hosting is turned off then go to the next step.
  • You have to save your QuickBooks program to misdirect and then install another version to run it from starting.

If still, these above steps will not help you to resolve it then you have to understand it in details or you follow intuit support website there are lots of more material to understand it easily.


Step1: Put QuickBooks company file to the new location.

You can take help from a tool QuickBooks file doctor to run the processor you can do it by yourself just to copy the company file to the local drive and then troubleshoot the network.

Create a new folder>>open the saved file >>click the Ctrl key>>copy the file which is saved >>paste it to the new folder

Note =if there will be any problem to paste the file that you already someone is using your file name.

if while trying to copy the file to the new location if you are facing any error then contact Intuit Quickbooks Support for help.

Step2: Check file extensions

Open saved file>>select properties>>press advanced(make sure that “encrypt attributes” are not checked)>>press OK.

Note =Type of the file should be QuickBooks company file and the file size must be greater than 7MB.

One more method to rename extensions to.TLG and.ND on your QuickBooks company files.

When your TLG and ND files get damaged then you can rename them by replacing with a new one. Steps how to do it.

1. Open the folder where the file is saved already.

2. Rename new folders to the company file as TLG.old and then save it and a new company file is created.

3. It is required to save the data like this because, at the time of transferring data from one computer to another, there may be chances to lose data but if you save it already then there is no change of any data loss.

Resolve this problem by direct contact with Quickbooks support phone number.

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When the quickbook window is automatically opened then how to save it

1. Open the company file

2. Hold to ALT key, click ok

3. Click preference from the edit menu

4. Go to desktop view and don't save the desktop and finally click ok.

Quicken Support is working efficiently for managing the financial mess of business by representing it on a single can easily manage your bill and invoices and can track your employee's performance together. this can help you to reduce your cost of time and if you want to get a financial report then you can get it from Quicken Support. if you are facing issue while operating this software then you can get in touch with a Quicken Customer Service executive for help. He will help you to solve your issue and to manage your data in a more efficient way.

you are new to Quickbooks then you should use the restriction feature of Quickbooks Tech Support. It allows you to select the user roles and access so that only authenticated person can access the file. if you want to know more about it you can have a look at what is User Permission?.

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For more information take guidance from Quickbooks Customer Support.


Apps Explained: Find the Best Apps for Your Business

In modern times the businesses & its processes are emerging in various directions; every business is in need of information technology to make its processes smoother, as well as efficient and for this various software or applications in the market that helps in managing the businesses or give ease to adhere the processes are available. Let us learn about some of the best apps useful for businesses.



It is one of the most trending software that we can see in the market used for bookkeeping & managing accounting activities done by any business; mostly small or medium-size businesses use it, as it is very reliable for them in maintaining proper accounts and some of its major features are:



  • Accurate tracking of all the expenses incurred and the revenue earned during a particular period or financial year.

  • Hassle free management of all the bills, invoices, and the payments are done or received.

  • Easy inventory tracking can be done through it; this helps in avoiding excess or shortage in the inventory.

  • It offers various kinds of statistics like “Balance sheet” reports or the analysis of “Profit & Loss A/C” statement of your business, etc., like this list of features carries on that caters professional accounting for any firm. You can learn about more of its uses through QuickBooks Support.

  • Quickbooks offers many tools for fixing all the possible errors in Quickbooks, with the help of Quickbooks too hub service you will get all the tools in Quickbooks tool hub.


TSheets Time Tracking

This application is very useful in maintaining the records of your employees that are working on a particular product; with the help of this application the businesses can manage easily all the constraints that are involved with working of employees i.e. you can track work, create work schedules, keep record of reporting time, etc., and some of its features are:

  • It is a web-based application; though you can find it's Android & IoS application also as it is mobile optimized so that employees find it easy to use.

  • The application also has a GPS tracking feature that enables to allocate new task according to the current location of the employees when they are in the field and if you are unable to sync with GPS take help via Intuit QuickBooks Support.

  • Another feature of this application is that it enables you to sync or integrate the payroll data of your employees like a bonus, salary, commissions, etc., which helps in managing with it according to working hours given by an employee.

  • A feature which is very useful for businesses is that it allows the users to sync data with QuickBooks so that your accounting figures are more accurate according to the expenses incurred on employees. [Do not know how to sync with QuickBooks then take assistance from QuickBooks Payroll Support.]


Tax Planner Pro

This application helps you in planning the proper tax payment for a financial year of your business by considering all the rules & regulations which are applicable in the area or country where you reside, and some of its features are:

  • This application provides you a tax planner under which you can create your custom tax plan or comparison can be done of multiple scenarios of tax payment and custom graphs or charts can also be made for analyzing purposes.

  • Users get tax analyzer; in this feature, you can learn about reducing liabilities by understanding different stats and save funds of the business or firm.

Well; the above are the few applications that are very reliable for businesses if you have any query feel free to leave a comment, and for any kind of assistance or support for QuickBooks get in touch via Intuit Customer Service.

Also read about how nonprofit organizations are using QuikBooks, how it is helpful for them in managing them and

varied customized features on QuickBooks Tech Support also you can download Quickbooks diagnostic tool in case you want to troubleshoot any error that appears in Quickbooks.

Norton Secure VPN

Norton secure virtual private network (VPN) is used for creating a private network between one and more computers, in today times virtual private network (VPN) is make so many changes and improve security protection features for secure your smart devices against viruses, threats, malware viruses etc.

If you want to start using Norton secure VPN so you can register yourself on official website and click on register. If you are facing any problems or issues during registration so you can remotely connect with, here you can get assistance from Norton Setup where the assistant guides you step by steps and your registration is completed easily.

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After successful registration on you can use all Norton services and products easily. With Norton secure vpn you can protect your so many privacies like:

  • Passwords
  • Bank details
  • Credit card number
  • Debit card number

No matter which devices you are using like if are use laptop, smartphone, computer etc. Norton secure virtual private network (vpn) is available on cheap price in market for customers and for Norton premium clients also.

Norton secure virtual private network (vpn) is very useful for smart devices like android phone users; IOS based phone users as these devices are frequently connected with open Wi-Fi at many occasions.

There are numerous antivirus available in the market. if you want to choose between different antivirus then you can have a look at McAfee antivirus too. it is widely used to secure your personal data from malicious attacks and viruses. you can simply download it from its portal and follow the steps to activate it on your windows.

What changes in 2019 Norton secure virtual private network (vpn):

On customer’s demands now a can improve in security and updates in protection features here you can see that what changes are done by team:

First is that Norton Wi-Fi is working perfectly no drop down and flag issues are show again and again.


                                       norton antivirus, norton setup, norton setup with a product key, norton remover tool, 

Secondly we make some change in protocols which are available PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, Open VPN and IPSec. After all that is also update feature Norton Wi-Fi privacy application, this application start automatically for virtual private network (vpn) anywhere your smart device is connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks. There are so many security dealers now offering vpn services like Avast SecureLine, Kaspersky Secure Connection, and   Avira PhantomVPN etc. But the Norton Secure VPN is Symantec’s entry fields. There are some open VPN’s are also in market from which allows you to setup manually for other platforms like (gaming consoles, smart led’s, smart home and so on.)

Sometimes virtual private network (VPN) is not starting in some devices automatically-

Don’t worry about it, for your help is available for 24/7 days in services, you can connect with and share your problems without hesitation with assistant and we guide you properly and solved your issues on time.

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When you go out for travel then you require some tips and guidance when you stay in a hotel and use public Wi-Fi it’s not mean that you are in secure zone, because public Wi-Fi hotspots is not secure, there are some times chances of lost your personal data and identity.

While you travel make sure that open hotspot Wi-Fi is encrypted with password or not.

There are three major spots where you can identify that open Wi-Fi are protected with encryption or not.

  • Airports
  • Cafe and coffee shops
  • Hotels and restaurants.

If you are facing any problem while setting up your Norton Software then you can follow the steps mentioned in how to process Norton Setup with a product key.

Geek Squad’s Phone Trade In Concept

Hello reader,
this article will help you in understanding the concept of “Phone Trade In” by the Geek Squad which is now supported by the “Team Knowhow”.

Understanding the meaning of "Trade In"

Trade In is basically done when a person is buying a brand new item and trading in the old item for which any cash allowance / discount is given by the retailer.

For instance: A person purchasing a new washing-machine and trading in the old washing-machine for which some amount is being deducted from the price of the new washing-machine.

What Geek Squad is offering through phone trade in services

The trade in services part of the Geek Squad is now in the hands of Team Knowhow, but it hardly affected the services and instead the services are getting better as more think tanks are being involved.

Unique Way of Trade In

  • Geek Squad offers great way to trade in your phone as they do not ask to purchase any brand new phone from them in return. Confused?
  • Geek Squad Tech Support simply requests people to bring in their old or discarded phones which are lying in dust at their home and in return gives back a certain cash amount after evaluating the value on few criteria​

​What trade in’s are done by Geek Squad

Though this article is majorly focusing on the trade in’s of mobile phone, but Greek Squad is also into trading in laptops along with mobile phones.How trade in at Geek Squad Works


Mobile Phones

  • Simply use the trade in calculator option given on the website of Best Buy Geek Squad or Team Knowhow and evaluate the value of your phone instantly within spending too much time.
  • Now the company will send a prepaid postage envelope in which you have to just keep the phone according to the instructions given.
  • When the phone is once received by the company they check over it and releases the evaluated amount which comes directly into your bank account.


  • Use the trade in calculator option once again given on the website of Geek Squad or Team Knowhow and evaluate the value of your laptop without investing too much of time.
  • Take your laptop to the physical office or location described by the company after the evaluation, at the store experts will give a check on your laptop and confirm the amount of trade in.
  • If you agree upon the quoted amount by the company they will provide a gift card for future purchases instead of cash.

Now get the best antivirus for your system to keep it safe from malicious content. Explore more on Webroot Geek Squad.

​Benefits of Trade In services by Geek Squad

  • You can make extra bucks by giving up your discarded phones or laptops which are unnecessary lying in dust at your homes.
  • Company is not forcing to buy any new product from them and instead straight away giving cash on mobile phones and gift cards in the case of laptops.
  • By trade in services Best Buy Geek Squad Tech Support offers you to be a part of recycle initiative and give a hand saving planet earth.

​Now you must be having a clear idea about Geek Squad Trade In services, and you will surely take interest by trading in your discarded cellphones or laptops. Finding mobile phone insurance? (Follow Link).

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