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Apps Explained: Find the Best Apps for Your Business

In modern times the businesses & its processes are emerging in various directions; every business is in need of information technology to make its processes smoother, as well as efficient and for this various software or applications in the market that helps in managing the businesses or give ease to adhere the processes are available. Let us learn about some of the best apps useful for businesses.



It is one of the most trending software that we can see in the market used for bookkeeping & managing accounting activities done by any business; mostly small or medium-size businesses use it, as it is very reliable for them in maintaining proper accounts and some of its major features are:



  • Accurate tracking of all the expenses incurred and the revenue earned during a particular period or financial year.

  • Hassle free management of all the bills, invoices, and the payments are done or received.

  • Easy inventory tracking can be done through it; this helps in avoiding excess or shortage in the inventory.

  • It offers various kinds of statistics like “Balance sheet” reports or the analysis of “Profit & Loss A/C” statement of your business, etc., like this list of features carries on that caters professional accounting for any firm. You can learn about more of its uses through QuickBooks Support.

  • Quickbooks offers many tools for fixing all the possible errors in Quickbooks, with the help of Quickbooks too hub service you will get all the tools in Quickbooks tool hub.


TSheets Time Tracking

This application is very useful in maintaining the records of your employees that are working on a particular product; with the help of this application the businesses can manage easily all the constraints that are involved with working of employees i.e. you can track work, create work schedules, keep record of reporting time, etc., and some of its features are:

  • It is a web-based application; though you can find it's Android & IoS application also as it is mobile optimized so that employees find it easy to use.

  • The application also has a GPS tracking feature that enables to allocate new task according to the current location of the employees when they are in the field and if you are unable to sync with GPS take help via Intuit QuickBooks Support.

  • Another feature of this application is that it enables you to sync or integrate the payroll data of your employees like a bonus, salary, commissions, etc., which helps in managing with it according to working hours given by an employee.

  • A feature which is very useful for businesses is that it allows the users to sync data with QuickBooks so that your accounting figures are more accurate according to the expenses incurred on employees. [Do not know how to sync with QuickBooks then take assistance from QuickBooks Payroll Support.]


Tax Planner Pro

This application helps you in planning the proper tax payment for a financial year of your business by considering all the rules & regulations which are applicable in the area or country where you reside, and some of its features are:

  • This application provides you a tax planner under which you can create your custom tax plan or comparison can be done of multiple scenarios of tax payment and custom graphs or charts can also be made for analyzing purposes.

  • Users get tax analyzer; in this feature, you can learn about reducing liabilities by understanding different stats and save funds of the business or firm.

Well; the above are the few applications that are very reliable for businesses if you have any query feel free to leave a comment, and for any kind of assistance or support for QuickBooks get in touch via Intuit Customer Service.

Also read about how nonprofit organizations are using QuikBooks, how it is helpful for them in managing them and

varied customized features on QuickBooks Tech Support also you can download Quickbooks diagnostic tool in case you want to troubleshoot any error that appears in Quickbooks.

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