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Geek Squad’s Phone Trade In Concept

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this article will help you in understanding the concept of “Phone Trade In” by the Geek Squad which is now supported by the “Team Knowhow”.

Understanding the meaning of "Trade In"

Trade In is basically done when a person is buying a brand new item and trading in the old item for which any cash allowance / discount is given by the retailer.

For instance: A person purchasing a new washing-machine and trading in the old washing-machine for which some amount is being deducted from the price of the new washing-machine.

What Geek Squad is offering through phone trade in services

The trade in services part of the Geek Squad is now in the hands of Team Knowhow, but it hardly affected the services and instead the services are getting better as more think tanks are being involved.

Unique Way of Trade In

  • Geek Squad offers great way to trade in your phone as they do not ask to purchase any brand new phone from them in return. Confused?
  • Geek Squad Tech Support simply requests people to bring in their old or discarded phones which are lying in dust at their home and in return gives back a certain cash amount after evaluating the value on few criteria​

​What trade in’s are done by Geek Squad

Though this article is majorly focusing on the trade in’s of mobile phone, but Greek Squad is also into trading in laptops along with mobile phones.How trade in at Geek Squad Works


Mobile Phones

  • Simply use the trade in calculator option given on the website of Best Buy Geek Squad or Team Knowhow and evaluate the value of your phone instantly within spending too much time.
  • Now the company will send a prepaid postage envelope in which you have to just keep the phone according to the instructions given.
  • When the phone is once received by the company they check over it and releases the evaluated amount which comes directly into your bank account.


  • Use the trade in calculator option once again given on the website of Geek Squad or Team Knowhow and evaluate the value of your laptop without investing too much of time.
  • Take your laptop to the physical office or location described by the company after the evaluation, at the store experts will give a check on your laptop and confirm the amount of trade in.
  • If you agree upon the quoted amount by the company they will provide a gift card for future purchases instead of cash.

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​Benefits of Trade In services by Geek Squad

  • You can make extra bucks by giving up your discarded phones or laptops which are unnecessary lying in dust at your homes.
  • Company is not forcing to buy any new product from them and instead straight away giving cash on mobile phones and gift cards in the case of laptops.
  • By trade in services Best Buy Geek Squad Tech Support offers you to be a part of recycle initiative and give a hand saving planet earth.

​Now you must be having a clear idea about Geek Squad Trade In services, and you will surely take interest by trading in your discarded cellphones or laptops. Finding mobile phone insurance? (Follow Link).

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