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How to restart QuickBooks when it won't open

When you have a problem to open your QuickBooks then this means there are some issues having with your QuickBooks installation and to resolve this problem you should follow some rules or these steps will definitely help you to resolve all the problems or you can take guidance from QuickBooks Contact.

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  1. Troubleshoots plays the main role, before starting any troubleshooting for your company you should be aware that the problem is related to the company files only. And the QuickBooks should be updated or from the version which is new. Even after performing the troubleshooting if you have any issue then you need to get assistance from Quickbooks Pro Support. They will guide you to solve the issue.

Following steps are:

  • Double click the QuickBooks desktop icon and press the Ctrl key.
  • If the Ctrl key is not working when you hold it that means this program is not working go to another step to understand it further.

Quickbooks Enterprise Support the troubleshooting operation to be performed in cases of data loss or any other issue.

2. Make sure that only one computer provides hosting for your company.

  • Select utilities from the QuickBooks file menu.
  • And then turn off multi-user hosting.
  • When you know the hosting is turned off then go to the next step.
  • You have to save your QuickBooks program to misdirect and then install another version to run it from starting.

If still, these above steps will not help you to resolve it then you have to understand it in details or you follow intuit support website there are lots of more material to understand it easily.


Step1: Put QuickBooks company file to the new location.

You can take help from a tool QuickBooks file doctor to run the processor you can do it by yourself just to copy the company file to the local drive and then troubleshoot the network.

Create a new folder>>open the saved file >>click the Ctrl key>>copy the file which is saved >>paste it to the new folder

Note =if there will be any problem to paste the file that you already someone is using your file name.

if while trying to copy the file to the new location if you are facing any error then contact Intuit Quickbooks Support for help.

Step2: Check file extensions

Open saved file>>select properties>>press advanced(make sure that “encrypt attributes” are not checked)>>press OK.

Note =Type of the file should be QuickBooks company file and the file size must be greater than 7MB.

One more method to rename extensions to.TLG and.ND on your QuickBooks company files.

When your TLG and ND files get damaged then you can rename them by replacing with a new one. Steps how to do it.

1. Open the folder where the file is saved already.

2. Rename new folders to the company file as TLG.old and then save it and a new company file is created.

3. It is required to save the data like this because, at the time of transferring data from one computer to another, there may be chances to lose data but if you save it already then there is no change of any data loss.

Resolve this problem by direct contact with Quickbooks support phone number.

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When the quickbook window is automatically opened then how to save it

1. Open the company file

2. Hold to ALT key, click ok

3. Click preference from the edit menu

4. Go to desktop view and don't save the desktop and finally click ok.

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you are new to Quickbooks then you should use the restriction feature of Quickbooks Tech Support. It allows you to select the user roles and access so that only authenticated person can access the file. if you want to know more about it you can have a look at what is User Permission?.

QuickBooks Support, QuickBooks payroll support, QuickBooks enterprise support, QuickBooks customer service, QuickBooks pro support, intuit support

For more information take guidance from Quickbooks Customer Support.


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